Xink at a Glance: Your Guided Tour of the Platform

Xink is an incredibly powerful platform for email signature management and marketing. Dare we say it, it’s also incredibly easy to use, thanks to an intuitive interface and user-friendly dashboard. Whether you want to create a new email signature, add employees to the system, or set up a fully automated email signature marketing campaign, Xink lets you do it. And it’s all done quickly and easily, with zero fuss. Don’t believe us? Take a tour below and then sign up for your free trial!

The Platform Dashboard & Homepage

Your dashboard is where all of the primary functions of our email signature management platform reside. Here you can access signatures, employees, campaigns, and more. On the homepage, seen below, you will find convenient icons for some of the most popular features and functions. If you navigate to the dashboard itself, using the top tabs, you will be able to access valuable statistics covering a wide range of performance metrics, including opens, click-through rates, and more.

Xink Platform Dashboard

Real-time Statistics & Analytics

Navigating away from the homepage to your dashboard, you will find a wealth of invaluable information. Xink provides real-time data on a variety of performance metrics, including click-throughs, views, and even a campaign’s overall CTR. You can also delve deeper into statistics on specific emails to gauge success or make adjustments — the choice is yours.

Email Statistics

Below, you will see just how granular Xink allows you to get. Not only can you see your daily open rate at a glance, but our platform even provides a breakdown of opens — by browser, email provider, and operating system. This allows you to tailor your messaging and signature design to ensure a greater chance of visibility. Are most of your readers accessing email from mobile devices? You better make sure your emails are mobile responsive!

Email Analytics - Pie Charts

For peace of mind, you can review data on internal email signature updates as well. How many employees are in the system? How many signatures are currently being fielded by your organization? Are your updates being pushed to everyone on the team? With this dashboard, you can get answers to those questions at a glance.

Email Signature Statistics

Signature Creation & Management

Xink is above all else an email signature management platform, so it only makes sense that we make creating and managing signatures a breeze. Below, you can see our HTML signature editor, which allows you to drop in imagery (like a headshot, logo, or banner), add links, or change font styles, among other things. We also include a plain text editor, as well as a Preview function, so that all of your bases are covered.Email Signature Editor

If you have a signature design that you like, you can save it as a template. These templates can be tied to specific email signature marketing campaigns, as seen below, or simply used as you see fit later down the road. This functionality allows you to easily deploy signatures based on your needs, without having to recreate them or hunt them down on a local drive. With Xink, everything is stored in the cloud, so you can access it from any device.

Email Design Templates

Employee Management

Ensuring brand consistency across multiple email addresses can be a nightmare when done manually. This is where Xink comes in. Our email signature management platform makes it easy to import employee databases (we can sync with Azure AD, Office 365, G Suite, and more) so that you can push one signature to numerous people, all at once. And once your employees are added, you will find them easy to manage, with our at-a-glance waterfall display. Sort them alphabetically or by add date!
Of course, we also allow you to add and edit personal information, set their default signature, set their reply/forward signature, and attach relevant campaign signatures. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily make sense for your sales team and your engineering team to have the same signature. Our employee editor makes it easy to ensure that everyone has the email signature that is right for them.

Xink Employee Editor

Rule Dependencies

Finally, Xink makes it easy to set up and enforce rule dependencies, on both individual employees (or signatures) and wider email signature marketing campaigns. Below you can see our editor for campaigns. Depending on an employee’s department (or other condition of your choosing), you can automatically send certain emails. Your sales team may run a product promotion, for example, while your marketing department runs an event announcement. This rule editor allows you to do that.

Email Signature Marketing Campaign Rule Editor

In this screenshot, we see Xink’s signature rules editor. Again, depending on the parameters that are set, you can filter out unwanted signatures and include wanted signatures, so that your message is always being seen by the right people at the right time — automatically and with minimal effort. In this example, a rule is being set for individuals in California.

Xink Employee Rule Editor

And Much, Much More!

That’s a glimpse of the Xink platform. If you haven’t already, give it a test drive and see how you like it. If you constantly find your company struggling with how best to enforce branding and marketing consistency in email signatures, you’re in luck. Xink is the answer!

Brand Consistency Through Email Signature