Xink Roadmap

Highlights and Releases

  • Redefined reporting

    Reporting of signature use and email signature marketing statistics will be redefied. This is included in a major release after summer 2018.

    Two-factor authentication pre-release

    We introduce two-factor authentication in closed beta in July. This will be an optional security choice for administrators.

    Our new patented Technology for Images in closed beta

    A patent was granted for our new image technology for use in emails. In June we expect to launch this in closed beta.

    Partner Portal release

    Our long awaited partner portal will be released in May.

    Revolutionary new way of making your signature

    In April 2018 we will release a revolutionary new way to make your email signature and design it. More news will be added in our blog up till release.

    Rerouting new release

    Server farm will be upgraded to handle the heavily increased number of users using rerouting for Office 365. New features added for markerless signature addition.

    Support for groups

    Signature distribution to groups will be released. Support for Active Directory on-prem groups and Azure AD groups.

  • Major upgrade of our email signature generator

    Our email signature generator has had a major upgrade.

    Office 365 Rerouting Feature

    Office 365 Signatures via rerouting in Office 365 has been released. Use Office 365 rerouting if you wish to add signatures when sending from mobile devices. Supports alle devices, OS’s and email apps.

    Google Directory Integration

    Seamlessly integrate Xink with Google Directory for maintaining the employee directory. Released in February.

    Office 365 User Directory Integration

    We have released Office 365 User Directory integration. Not only does Xink already integrate with Azure Ad and other directories, but now also fully integrated with the user base in Office 365.

    On-premises integration with Xink

    On-premises Exchange server customer would benefit from using Xink when we launch Mobile Module and OWA Module (eMailSignature modules) to integrate with Xink.

  • Patent Granted!

    The Xink Image Patent application has been granted. This is a revolutionary new technology for adding images into emails. Expect to get rid of “red x”, images as attachments and spam mail problems.

    Xink Mac app update

    Xink Mac app version 1.4.6 has been release on December 2. Improvements are fix for iCloud drive, token improvements and various UI improvements.

    Send-on-behalf-of solution

    We launch major update to user control. Now it is possible for employees to choose another user’s signature. Often used in law firms and banks.

    Authentication switch to oAuth2

    All authentication will be oAuth2.

    Xink Admin App for iPhone

    Administer Xink from where ever you are with your iPhone. Downloadable from App Store Xink”.

    Features added

    Customisable user interface for editing contact details. Several functions added, so it is now possible to manage complex logic from the user interface.

  • Office 2016 fully supported

    Xink adds support for Office 2016 on Windows and Mac.

    eMailSignature version 10 released

    On-premises eMailSignature version 10 was just released. Adds fulls support for Outlook 2016.

    Mac support for Apple Mail

    Xink Mac app now supports Apple Mail on El Capitan (OS X 10.11) – signatures are visible (no rerouting)


    Xink App Store Launched

    For the first time ever, an email signature campaign can be A/B tested

    Complete User Interface Redo

    Xink User interface has been completely redone – added dashboards and much more user friendly management.

    Launch of A/B Test

    For the first time ever, an email signature campaign cam be A/B tested

  • signature support

    Support has been added for Signatures in Xink are now available also in

    Signature campaign tracking

    We have added complete signature campaign tracking to all signature campaigns.

    eMailSignature rebrands as Xink

    In connection with a complete cloud focus we have rebranded as Xink. On-premises software eMailSignature will be developed and maintained as usual. Xink Brand and Xink Campaign released as two versions of Xink.

    Xink Patent Application hearing

    The Xink Image Patent application went into hearing process. This is a revolutionary new technology for adding images into emails. Expect to get rid of “red x”, images as attachments and spam mail problems.

  • Added Employee Self-service

    Via the Xink app it is now possible for employees to keep their own details up-to-date. Permissions and fields controlled by the Xink Superuser.

    API Launched

    The purpose to integrate email signatures and email signature marketing campaigns with any SaaS system such as and marketing automation vendors.

    Mac OS app released

    Now full support for Outlook on Mac – Apple Mail scheduled to be supported later.

    Azure AD integration

    Xink integrates fully with Azure Active Directory for complete user management.

  • Gmail for Work fully supported

    Now full email signature control for Gmail for Work

    Signature Campaigns released

    Signature campaigns released – add campaigns to signatures in cloud product as it has been possible to do in eMailSignature Enterprise Edition.

    Xink with permission control

    Have more people from your organization to administer Xink with different permissions.

    Major update of client App

    The Xink client app now supports individual updates of contact details and much more.

  • Unattended install of Xink App available

    It is now possible to install the client app silently as an msi package.

    Active Directory connectivity added

    Integration with on-premises Active Directory added.

    First Cloud Version is Released

    eMailSignature365 cloud is officially born and the product is officially released.

    Xink Patent Hearing

    The Xink Image Patent application was accepted in the first steps. This is a revolutionary new technology for adding images into emails. Expect to get rid of “red x”, images as attachments and spam mail problems.

    eMailSignature365 Cloud Product in Beta

    eMailSignature365 cloud is born and development close to completion together with 25 customers and launched in private BETA.

  • Codename eMailSignature365

    We found the formula for building the cloud product codenamed eMailSignature365.

    Successful experiments to build cloud product

    Despite the great success of eMailSignature on-premises, we were long ahead with our cloud product. It is important to support many of the same features from on-premises such as scheduled signature marketing and brand control with integration to AD.

    Branded Mails rebrands as eMailSignature

    To sharpen our focus we rebrand as eMailSignature and live on with our on-premises product also called eMailSignature.

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"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
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"With Xink, we’re able to execute signature updates and new campaigns with ease, knowing we’ll always have a consistent customer-facing experience."
- Tim Buchanan