Partner up with Xink – The Xink Reseller Program


The Xink Reseller Program is an excellent way for Office 365 and G Suite users to add value to their portfolios and get an easy upsell! If you help companies get the software needed to run a modern business, then a platform for centralized email signature management is definitely something to include in the sales process.


Help Your Clients With Brand Management in Signatures

Email signature management is important for businesses of all sizes. Brand management in email signatures across devices and platforms can be a timely and difficult affair to handle manually. And it should not be the employees’ responsibility to update their signatures. Today it can be done in a much more intelligent way that is 100% accurate at all times.

With a cloud-based platform like Xink, it is easy to sync a company’s Active Directory, Google Directory or other HR systems to make sure that the email signatures automatically update according to the correct information. Email signatures are also as an effective and low-cost marketing channel that can help a business boost its traffic to its website or social platforms.

Our service is safely hosted at ISO 27001-certified data centers. This ensures the best, most secure data storage available – in accordance with all laws and regulations, including GDPR.


Who is the Typical Xink Reseller?

Our resellers are typically IT infrastructure companies, IT wholesale distributors, managed service providers and consultancies. We also work with agencies. So if you help other companies manage and purchase their IT services, then Xink will be a very interesting add-on for you. Easy to sell, easy to set-up.

Case study from a Xink Reseller: How Xink helped our clients.


How Does the Xink Reseller Program Work?

As a Xink Reseller, you use our browser-based platform to provide clients with brand consistency via the email signature and email signature marketing campaigns.

  • The administration interface is Azure-based. It’s easy to set up and manage as there is no server installation.
  • Assign login to the client using role-based access control (clients are self-managed after the initial setup).

As a Xink reseller, you get an easy add-on line item with recurring margin:

  • 10% recurring margin (monthly) – That’s where you start. You own the license and billing on behalf of clients. You get a link to step-by-step training sessions.
  • 30% recurring margin (monthly) – That’s what you would grow into (min. after 6 months). Requires EUR/USD/GBP 100 monthly purchase volume. You can also build up to this billing rate.
  • 40% recurring margin (monthly) – Requires EUR/USD/GBP 1,000 monthly purchase volume. You can also build up to this billing rate.

The more customers you sign up to Xink, the bigger the discounts you will get.


Get Started as a Xink Reseller Today!

The Xink email signature platform is the perfect complement to your Office 365/G Suite/Apple Mail deployment. Become a Xink Reseller today! Get a quick introduction to the Xink Reseller Program and we will help you get started!