2-Factor or Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) is widely recognized as the most secure method for authenticating access to data and applications. We recommend that you upgrade your Xink Admin security to a 2-factor login.


An Extra Security Layer

By implementing 2-factor authentication, the security of the traditional username and password login is supplemented by an additional measure. A TOTP (time-based one-time password) token is required for access. This is a token generated from a smartphone or other device. This means that a user now needs two pieces of information to access their IT resource: something they know (a password) along with something they have (a unique token generated by an app on your smartphone).

The theory behind 2-factor authentication is that the combined factors of validation are stronger than their individual parts. This gives your organization an extra layer of security.

2-factor authentication Xink


How to Enable TOTP Authentification in Xink

If you are an Office 365 user, to get the TOTP application simply download the Microsoft Authenticator app from Apple Store or Google Play Store. If you have an existing one that you are used to using then feel free to use it.

To get the TOTP application as G Suite user, you can download the Google Authenticator from Apple Store or Google Play Store.

When you have downloaded the application to your phone, you need to enable 2-factor authentication in your Xink account. Scan the QR code and enter the password that is generated for you. It is simple to get started.

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