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With Xink, you can centrally update and manage email signatures.

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We designed the web portal to allow IT to hand off administration to the marketing/communications dept. (No workload in IT).

We did this by creating a browser-based user-friendly web portal with role-based login capability. 

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Xink Azure AD Integration

The add-in (manifest file) is excellent for Outlook on Windows/Mac and Outlook on the web (browser). It allows the end-users to see their email signature as they compose the email. In addition, they can select among multiple email signatures (shared mailbox signatures, other languages, an internal signature, etc.).


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See what the best-rated email signature platform
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Our service is safely hosted at ISO 27001-certified data centers (Microsoft Azure) because this ensures the best, most secure data storage available – by all laws and regulations, including GDPR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email signature management involves the centralized control and customization of email signatures across an organization. It ensures consistency, professionalism, and compliance with branding and legal requirements in all outgoing emails.

Email signatures are often the final touchpoint in communication with clients, partners, and prospects. Consistent, well-designed signatures reinforce brand identity, provide important contact information, and convey professionalism. Effective management ensures uniformity, compliance, and ease of updates across the organization.

Consistency: Maintain uniformity in email signatures across all employees and departments.

Brand consistency: Ensure all outgoing emails reflect the organization’s branding guidelines.

Compliance: Easily implement legal disclaimers, GDPR compliance statements, and other required information.

Centralized control: Streamline signature updates and changes from a centralized dashboard.

Professionalism: Enhance the professional appearance of emails with standardized, well-designed signatures.

Marketing opportunities: Utilize email signatures as an additional marketing channel by including promotional banners or social media links.

Yes, most email signature management solutions offer the flexibility to create and manage different signature templates for various departments, teams, or individuals within the organization. This ensures that each group can have its own tailored signature while still maintaining overall consistency and compliance.

Email signature management software typically provides a centralized dashboard or administration panel where administrators can easily make updates to signature templates. Changes can be pushed out instantly to all users, ensuring that everyone’s signature is up-to-date without requiring manual intervention from each individual.

Yes, reputable email signature management software is designed to be compatible with a wide range of email clients, including Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, and others. Additionally, these solutions often ensure that signatures display correctly on different devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Email signature management platform typically employs industry-standard security measures to protect sensitive information and ensure the integrity of email signatures. This may include encryption protocols, access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR.

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