We launched the Xink platform for email signature management in 2013.
Before 2013, we did everything with IT on premises.
With our intuitive browser-based platform, we wanted to transfer email signature administration from IT to the Marketing or Communications department.

Trusted Partner for Thousands of Companies Worldwide

Today, Xink makes it easy to achieve brand control in email signatures across devices and departments – with no workload on IT after the initial setup.

Our vast experience and know-how of both IT and Marketing needs make us one of the most trusted providers in our field. We stand for Company Email Signatures That Work.


Xink was founded in 2009 under the name eMailSignature. In 2014, we rebranded as Xink and have been moving forward ever since.
The company was founded by Bjarne Mess, a Danish mathematician and actuary who turned entrepreneur in the 90s; and Jesper Frier, a highly experienced former CIO and management professional within IT.

As one of the most established and experienced companies in the industry, we have played a key role in shaping the idea of a centralized management platform for company email signatures. We might not have seen it all, but we sure have seen a lot!
It’s a point we’re particularly proud of.

"The thought of centrally managing email signatures was very new when I first started playing with the idea, as early as the mid 90s, in the pre-cloud era. In fact, no one had given company email signatures and the opportunities that lie within much thought. The breakthrough came when communications and marketing people realized that company email signatures represented an important part of a company’s brand identity."

— Bjarne Mess, Founder and CEO


The idea of centralized email signature management quickly took pace with companies around the world. With more and more email communication, the need to ensure consistency and professional branding across all devices and email programs also grew.

After some years Xink introduced marketing in the email signature, named Xink Campaign, as part of the now cloud-based platform. Marketers and demand generation professionals use the email signature space to drive traffic and leads and to brand their company.

Email signature campaign analytics


Our technical capabilities are a very important part of our success. The original algorithm was developed by our CEO, Bjarne Mess (isn’t that cool?), and we also have a U.S. patented image technology for emails!

To us, it is vital that we continue to provide a strong platform to accommodate all users, no matter their preferred tools and platforms for IT, Sales or Marketing. You won’t find that too often in this field. Simple as that.

Bjarne Mess
Founder and CEO

Jesper Frier
VP of Sales, EMEA and APAC

Eric Kotchi
VP of Sales, North America