Extend Campaigns

to Email Signatures

Your company probably sends hundreds or thousands of emails to a targeted and trusting audience every day.

Put your email signatures to work with targeted marketing campaigns! Schedule, segment and track campaign results!

  Email Signature ✅ Made Easy ✉


Across Your Organization

Run different marketing campaigns in the email signatures across offices, departments, and even countries, in order to drill down to your target audience. You can pre-schedule them to deploy automatically, so you never miss another seasonal promotion.

Email Statistics Help You Improve

Track which employees generate the most leads from their email signatures, measure your top performing marketing campaigns, see who clicks, get data on your audiences’ preferred email client or OS and much more. The data is there – use it to improve your marketing.

Get real ROI from your company email signatures.

Catch the attention of your audience with targeted marketing banners below the contact details. Create clickable content and clear call-to-actions tailored to your audiences – and get real ROI from this low-cost marketing channel.


Manage the

Our browser-based dashboard enables you to centrally manage your email signature marketing from anywhere, using multiple devices.


It's all in details

The Xink Marketing platform features a number of unique functionalities that make it a potent and capable tool for marketers:

Real-Time Statistics

Access real-time statistics and learn more about who your recipients are

A/B Testing

There’s no real way to know how effective a campaign may be without first testing it. Run two campaigns simultaneously with our A/B testing tool.

Advance Rules

Distribute different marketing campaigns to different groups at different times with different messages!

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Measure and Improve

The Xink platform gives you a perfect overview of your email signature marketing campaigns with in-depth analytics and insights. Compare your campaigns and learn from the data!
What campaigns were most successful, and among what audience?

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We can Help You boost your brand online