The email signature management solution

Enforce and achieve brand consistency through email signatures.
You get automatic email signatures for desktop, web and mobile devices.
Extend email marketing campaigns to email signatures:
1) Scheduling, 2) Segmentation, and 3) Tracking email signature campaigns.

How many employees need an email signature?

Up to 200 employees


Unlock your business engagement possibilities with our top-tier plan.

0.71 / user / month

Education | Non-Profit | Partner

We offer a significant discount to educations and nonprofits and recurring margin to partners (Microsoft, Google, MSP, agency, etc.).

Move the slider to 300+ and reach out. Thanks.


Including remote setup/training/support

Management portal

Shared Signatures Between Managers and PA’s

Build a New Email Signature Marketing Channel

Role-Based Access Control Capability


Integration to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Integration to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Integration to Exchange Server On-Premises

Integration to Active Directory

Integration to Azure AD

Integration to Google Directory

Integration to 365 User Directory

Integration to SQL

Third-Party Integration and Developer API


Schedule Campaigns

Segment Campaigns

Built-in Trackings

Get Statistics and Insights

Top Performing Email Senders

Brand Loyalty Starts With Happy Customers

Trusted by Clients Worldwide

xink brand boost

Easy to Deploy

only takes 30 minutes to set-up

We make it easy to allow IT / Admin to hand off administration to the marketing/communications department. (No workload in IT).

We did this by creating a browser-based user-friendly web portal with role-based login capability.

The marketing/communications department is now self-managed, and if they need help, we assist directly (chat and online training) without any workload in IT.


You can add banners to the Brand version by adding the campaign to the signature design. 

And use the campaign features with the ‘Powered by Xink’ footer;
1) Scheduling, 2) Segmentation and 3) Tracking email signature campaigns.

The Campaign version includes the Brand version and removes “Powered by Xink” when using the Campaign menu.

The free trial is a fully-featured version of the Campaign product which you can use for 14 days. No commitment and no credit card is required. You reuse your settings and configurations when you are ready to move forward.
No need to re-create! If you don’t purchase, the trial will expire, and we delete your and removes your data.

Your trial expires automatically after 14-days if not activated.
You can easily cancel by email or in the Subscription menu in your account.

You select the number of employees you want to manage. Those employees will get their email signatures updated by Xink. We identify employees via their email address which means that each employee will get their email signatures updated on all their email clients (desktop, web and mobile) with only one license! We bill as a monthly or an annual subscription. Monthly subscriptions are only possible with credit card payments.

If you commit to an annual subscription, you get one month’s discount.
You need to cancel one month before expiry.
There are no cancellation fees.
You can also enter a monthly commitment (only by credit card) which you can also cancel without any charges.

Yes, but only annual subscriptions are payable by wire transfer. Monthly payments require a credit card.

We offer credit card or invoice billing.
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.
Invoice billing requires a yearly agreement.

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Brand identity enhancement for your organization/enterprise.


Develop client relationship based on trust and credibility.


Extend campaigns to email signature and develop marketing channels