Discover why we are the leading email signature web portal and trusted by millions of users since 2009.

How many employees need an email signature?

200 Employees


EUR 0.71 / user / month

Enforce & Achieve Brand Consistency through Email Signatures.


Extend Email Marketing
Campaigns to Email Signatures

Management Web Portal

Integration to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Integration to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Integration to Exchange Server On-Premises

Integration to Active Directory

Integration to Azure AD

Integration to Google Directory

Integration to 365 User Directory

Integration to SQL

Role-Based Access Control Capability

Third-Party Integration and Developer API

Shared Signatures Between Managers and PA’s

Build a New Email Signature Marketing Channel

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Schedule Campaigns

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Segment Campaigns

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Built-in Tracking

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Get Statistics and Insights

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Top Performing Email Senders

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What is the difference between Brand and Campaign?

We designed Xink to help companies create, share and manage email signatures, company-wide. It allows for granular control of those signatures, including rules-based assignment of signatures. The Campaign version has all of the capabilities of Brand, combined with a powerful campaign module that allows marketers to create, schedule and measure marketing campaigns in conjunction with the email signature block.

How do I cancel my free trial or subscription?

Your trial expires automatically after 14-days if not activated.
You can easily cancel by email or in the Subscription menu in your account.

How does your free trial work?

The free trial is a fully-featured version of the Campaign product which you can use for 14 days. No commitment and no credit card is required. You reuse your settings and configurations when you are ready to move forward. No need to re-create! If you don’t purchase, the trial will expire, and we delete your and removes your data.

Who needs a license?

You select the number of employees you want to manage. Those employees will get their email signatures updated by Xink. We identify employees via their email address which means that each employee will get their email signatures updated on all their email clients (desktop, web and mobile) with only one license! We bill as a monthly or an annual subscription. Monthly subscriptions are only possible with credit card payments.

Are there any commitments or cancellation fees?

If you commit to an annual subscription, you get one month’s discount. You need to cancel one month before expiry. There are no cancellation fees. You can also enter a monthly commitment (only by credit card) which you can also cancel without any charges.

Can I make a payment by wire transfer?

Yes, but only annual subscriptions are payable by wire transfer. Monthly payments require a credit card.

What types of payments do you accept?

We offer credit card or invoice billing.
We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.
Invoice billing requires a yearly agreement.