101 Do’s and Don’ts in Your Email Signature

As you can probably imagine, we have heard thousands (if not tens of thousands) of great stories regarding how different companies set up their email signatures, or at least attempt to. Over the last few months, we’ve begun collecting examples of the do’s and don’ts that we’ve discussed and learned from our Xink customers, prospects and partners.

Download Our eBooks. They’re Free (and Super Informative, Too)!


Download Our eBooks. They’re Free (and Super Informative, Too)! Our selection of FREE eBooks contains best practice on everything related to email signatures. Leveraging your email signature for marketing initiatives can transform the way that your business, well, conducts business. A small business is likely to send on the order of several hundred email messages […]

12 Reasons Your Email Signature Looks Bad


1. Your email signatures are not centrally managed. Of course, you may smile at this answer, considering we provide software for centrally controlling email signatures (we might be a bit biased, after all). But the fact of the matter is it’s true. And it brings us to our next reason, which is “because individual users create […]