Email Signature Software Solution – The Why’s, How’s and When’s

How to find the perfect email signature software for your company

Your company has decided to get an email signature software solution to manage all employee signatures across the business – and eliminate any homespun versions of email signatures once and for all. Now you’re tasked with finding the right fit for your needs. In addition, you need to outline the implementation process to present to the involved parties and decision-makers. But where do you start?

101 Do’s and Don’ts in Your Email Signature

As you can probably imagine, we have heard thousands (if not tens of thousands) of great stories regarding how different companies set up their email signatures, or at least attempt to. Over the last few months, we’ve begun collecting examples of the do’s and don’ts that we’ve discussed and learned from our Xink customers, prospects and partners.

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Our selection of FREE eBooks contains best practice on everything related to email signatures. Leveraging your email signature for marketing initiatives can transform the way that your business, well, conducts business. A small business is likely to send on the order of several hundred email messages per day; a large corporation might send out several […]

10 Best Practice Tips for Company Email Signatures

Do your company email signatures prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep? Maybe, maybe not. At the very least, maybe it’s time to check and see if they are up to date? Email programs often change. What was a good idea a few years back might be a bad idea today. Perhaps your company […]

How to Manage Email Signatures Manually for Your Company

How to Manage Email Signatures Manually Here’s a common scenario… Customer: “We will manage our email signatures manually. That’s no problem for us, as we only have 50 employees.” Xink: “Ah, ok, no problem. Good luck! We’ll speak to you in two weeks!” The email signature is a living space. Content changes, your information changes, different […]

5 Things That Make the Best Email Signature

What Is the Best Email Signature? It’s a good question. And the answer will be different for everyone, just like design opinions differ from person to person. Some like orange while others like green. With that being said, there are some best practices you should be following to create the best email signature. Approach email signature design with these […]

How do I get my Outlook signature updated in Xink?

As we continue to go through and answer all your burning questions, we get a lot of questions regarding your Outlook signature–it’s our most popular email service integration–so we thought we’d put a bunch of your questions into one place here. What is that dang Red X in my Outlook signature? We take this question […]

Where Did My Beautiful Email Signature Go?

This is unequivocally one of our most frequently asked questions. You can deploy to thousands of people perfectly and then there are a few stragglers who the Xink email signature app failed to work on. Today we look to cut some of those questions off at the pass so you can find quick answers to this […]

Free eBooks: We Know Email Signatures, Now You Can Too!

It is true, we do know everything about email signatures (or at least more than anybody else). Why? Because we’re kind of obsessed with this ever-important detail in email marketing. Over the years we have helped you, our customers, with thousands of email signature designs, email signature marketing campaigns, and email signature templates, making it […]

BYOD and Email Signatures – How Does it Work?

BYOD and Email Signatures – How Does it Work? The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon has transformed the way that people work. There are now no barriers to when, where, or how people can send emails, check the progress of a project task, or stay informed on work issues. Though this is proving to […]