Animated Email Signatures – Do It or Don’t?

How to use animations in email signatures

Animated email signatures are becoming increasingly popular – and with good reason! They can give a very nice effect on the email sign-off and be a good way of directing attention to a campaign or theme. Quite often our customers ask us about whether or not animated email signatures are a good idea. There are […]

Headshot in Email Signature

In this third post of the series Engaging Content for Email Signatures, we look at when and how to use a photo or headshot in email signature designs. Is it a good idea at all? Will you run into problems if you demand that all staff signatures should include a headshot per default? And can you […]

Product Review Link in Email Signature

Reviews can do wonders for your business. They can help build your reputation, boost credibility, and they can also help improve your SEO! So why not ask for a review in the email signature? Include a product review link, a Google My Business (GMB) review link, or a review platform of your choice. It’s a […]

Email Signature Survey for Customer Satisfaction

Ratings and surveys are important tools for businesses to get customer feedback. But what is a good way to reach out without being a pain? There is a great and simple way to get quick feedback from customers, and it’s very straight-forward. Let the everyday emails help generate it for you by including a customer […]

The Importance of the Email Signature Block

The email signature block is your digital sign off and serves as your virtual business card. You want to leave a professional impression in your emails at all times. Both in terms of relevant, updated information but also when it comes to visuals. Make sure they show correctly and in the right resoulution across all […]

Email Banners in Signatures

Would you like to have email banners below the contact details in your company email signatures? Clickable banners with engaging content and links to your website, promotions, blog, events, social media or something else? Use the vast amount of 1:1 emails sent every day by your employees to create awareness around your brand and your […]

Best Email Signature Generator – By Xink!

The best email signature generator is coming soon to a screen near you…! Ok, I know that it is a serious statement to claim that we are going to launch the best email signature generator in the world, but we are! We just need the summer to complete it and then it’s ready for you […]

Include Holiday Greetings in Email Signatures

The holiday season is here – and it’s time to send your greetings to customers, colleagues and peers. Why not include beautiful holiday greetings in email signatures too? It’s an easy way to make your emails sparkle a bit in this joyful time of the year. And they’re quick to create if you don’t fancy writing personal holiday […]

Headshot in Your Email Signature? Tips on When and Why to Include It!

Contrary to popular belief, you can and should include images in your email signature. A little bit of visual flourish helps your email signature stand out, and it can add a personal touch as well. The question is: what images are appropriate and when? How many images is too many? Should you include a corporate […]

20 Fast Facts on Email Signatures

Your corporate email signature is so much more powerful than you realize. Not only is your company email signature a representation of you as an employee, but it serves as a brand ambassador for your entire organization. For these reasons and more, you should be putting real thought into how best to use this space […]