Email Signatures and Spam Filters

Can email signatures make your emails hit the spam filter? In general, it is most often the email content that triggers spam filters, and not the email signature itself. However, there are a few things you can do to optimize your email signatures, especially in terms of images and links. When you evaluate if you […]

Email Signature Design Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Email Signature Design Your company spent hours and thousands of dollars on designing your logo and your business card, but how many people do you give that out to? Think of your email signature as your much more active and effective business card. With that in mind, we go forth to […]

iPhone Email Signatures – How to Get them Updated

iPhone email signatures.. What’s the Matter with them? There’s no way around it, the built-in iPhone email app with it’s boring iPhone email signatures ‘Sent from my iPhone’ is widely used but is also one of the most out-dated apps out there. Sorry to say, but it is. This is the app we’re talking about: First […]

Sharing Email Signatures Has Never Been Simpler!

It’s a common scenario: An employee or individual within an organization (let’s call him Captain) needs to send an email on behalf of someone else within that organization (let’s call her Tennille), but doesn’t have access to that person’s email account. How can the employee ensure that the person they are sending the message on […]

What Might Our Politicians’ Email Signatures Look Like?

You can tell a lot about a person by how they represent themselves in public. Social media posts, the way they dress, how outspoken they are, and of particular interest to us, what they include in their email signature – all can be telling indicators of a person’s personality and beliefs. Which got us thinking: […]

Moving from Xink Brand to Xink Campaign – What Are the Benefits?

Find the Email Signature Software Right for Your Business When it comes to email signature software, it can be difficult to decide what features and functionalities are required to meet the needs of your organization. And that is because for many marketing departments and business owners, purchasing email signature software is often a one-time occurrence; […]

How do I optimize an iPhone email signature?

If you want to optimize your email signature for America’s favorite phone, there are a few steps you have to follow to make sure it looks good on all versions of the iPhone. When you say that you want to optimize for iPhone, what does it mean exactly? And which phone is it that you want […]

Get your first Email Signature Design for Free…

… But we want you to become a client first 🙂 A great part of trying out an email signature maker is to see how the design looks–after all, you want to make a great first and last impression, right? And we understand that it doesn’t matter how beautiful, compelling, effective, clever, or original your email […]

How to Change Signature in Outlook

Your Outlook signature is either a sign of your professionalism or a lack there of. Yet, for such an important thing, there are so many people still asking how to change a signature in Outlook. Today we set out to answer that question and to explain how to create a signature in Outlook across an […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Email Signature?

Does the Perfect Email Signature Exist? When it comes to designing the perfect email signature, there are many questions that must be answered: What’s more important, the design or the content? Is a perfect email signature one that is universally formatted, or one that places aesthetics and calls-to-action above all else? How will your email […]