Promote Black Week in the Email Signature

It’s Black Week and the holiday season has now officially been kickstarted! It’s a busy time of year for many marketers. Emails are still one of the preferred marketing channels both among customers and companies. So when you send out your emails, remember to promote Black Week in the email signature, as well as the […]

Engaging Content for Email Signatures

The email signature is a great way to promote your brand and engage with your audience! So if you are not already using the email signature as an integral part of your branding efforts, it is a great time to start. In a series of five blog posts, we will explain all about engaging content […]

Xink Brand or Xink Campaign – Which One Do I Choose?

Xink is an email signature platform. But what does that really mean and what are the possibilities and opportunities this gives you? Get the full overview of our two email signature options: Xink Brand or Xink Campaign. This will help you decide which option is the best fit for your company’s needs.   Email Signature […]

Email Signature Branding – Answers to All Your Questions – Expert Tips

Branding. What a hot buzzword with a lot of room for correct and less correct definitions. You can put pretty much any word in front of branding and get yourself a viral article on HuffPost or Mashable. Why? Well, first, it’s because these sites have phenomenal branding. And because everyone is talking about branding, but […]

What Might Be Missing from Your Rebranding Checklist?

Going thru a corporate re-brand is not for the faint of heart. There are literally hundreds of things to consider and account for. It makes planning a wedding look like piece of cake (horrible pun intended). Even if you’ve done it 100 times before (which would be crazy to think about) – there’s probably one item on your rebranding checklist which gets overlooked – the email signature template.

Consistency is the Key Component of Any Brand Strategy

The great Al Ries recently penned an article which looked at the challenges, missteps and opportunities in creating multi-brand families. It’s clear that only the strongest of organizations can support multiple brands in their portfolio and it all starts with one word: consistency.