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Email Signature Management

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Centrally update and manage email signatures on all devices.

Easy to set up and run (Microsoft Azure Cloud web portal).

Role-based access control capability.

Enforce and achieve brand consistency.

Microsoft365 Email Signature Mangement
Office 365 Email Signature Management

Email Signature Made Easy.

Engage. Measure. Deliver. Grow.

Centrally update and manage email signatures for all staff on all devices.

Enforce and achieve brand consistency through email signatures.

Easy to set up and run with the admin web portal.

Office365 email signature

Easy to set-up and run

We designed the web portal to allow IT to hand off administration to the marketing/communications dept. (No workload in IT).

We did this by creating a browser-based user-friendly web portal with role-based login capability. 

Email Signature - Azure Microsoft
Email signature - Xink

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Safe Data

Our service is safely hosted at ISO 27001-certified data centers (Microsoft Azure) because this ensures the best, most secure data storage available – by all laws and regulations, including GDPR.

Microsoft Azure Cloud
Email signature management - Safe data
Microsoft Azure Cloud

Xink Azure AD Integration

The add-in (manifest file) is excellent for Outlook on Windows/Mac and Outlook on the web (browser). It allows the end-users to see their email signature as they compose the email. In addition, they can select among multiple email signatures (shared mailbox signatures, other languages, an internal signature, etc.).


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Make sure your emails stand out with a professional email signature. Learn how to create the perfect email signature example with our easy-to-follow support guide. From design tips to best practices, create an email signature that impresses and gets you noticed.

Get your professional email signature right and make a lasting impression. Learn how to create an eye-catching, informative email signature that will help you stand out from the competition. Find out what information should be included in a professional email signature. (click here ).

HTML email signatures are an easy way to add a professional touch to your emails. With Xink’s HTML email signature, you can create personalized logos, banners, and links that increase brand recognition. Learn more about using HTML signatures in your emails today!

Create a professional email signature that stands out with the help of our Xink expert’s advice. Learn the best practices for designing an email signature that fits your brand, looks great on all devices, and gives your emails an extra touch of professionalism.

Email Signature Generator
Microsoft 365

Consistency Across Devices

The web portal helps ensure all email signatures look consistent across platforms and devices.

Role-based login

The role-based login is a highly valued feature among our customers. With role-based permissions, administrators can delegate responsibilities to named employees, who can then update signatures, create signature campaigns, and segment email signatures.

Hand off login to marketing

hand-off login to Marketing

Marketing is self-managed.
No workload in IT!

Intuitive Interface

You decide how you want your Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) email signatures to look! Upload and create your designs or use the built-in templates (including mobile-ready designs). Track all clicks open, best-performing campaigns with the in-built analytics tool.

Xink's Intuitive interface
Microsoft Azure Cloud

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