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“Set up a couple signatures, threw in some custom data, and we were up and running. Xink works really well for us with Gmail.”
Steve Yeargain
Technology Operations Manager, JASK
“It’s amazing! Xink works really well integrating in Gmail and Apple Mail. For the first time in 14 years we have beautifully designed signatures that update automatically including the marketing focussed banners. Xink are now my number 1 recommendation to all of our aliens on Gmail or Office 365!”
Jez John
Managing Director, Webstars
“The system is great to work with and have had very little issues over the years we have used it.”
Gavin Murray
Technical Services Manager, Mastercall Healthcare
“We use Xink to manage our Office 365 email signatures across our different fitness companies in Norway, Sweden and Finland, counting more than 10,000 employees. It’s a great tool to ensure branding consistency and to centrally manage logo and contact details for each employee and employee type as well as for our different brands.”
Peter Sandström
Nordic CRM Manager, SATS ELIXIA
“Love Xink”
Elizabeth Kinsey
Marketing Director, Branch.io
“We have a Microsoft Exchange environment and Xink just works seamlessly with our existing structure and across platforms. It’s a very straightforward and problem-free experience.”
Johan Strobl
Sales and Marketing Director, Loxxess Pharma Logistics
“When I looked at Xink it just felt like a very natural fit for our needs. It had a very straightforward interface and integration with Outlook which was what we needed. Looking at the API, I could see straight away that it fit with our proprietary software. And lastly the price is always a consideration and Xink was very competitive.”
Stephen Krauklis
Technical Services Manager, PACK & SEND Australia
“I love your product…set it up and got everything going on a couple of test machines…flawless!!! Thanks again for such a great product!”
Dan Cross
Director of Graphics, SVPA Architects Inc.
“I want to follow up and let you know that your product works absolutely fantastic. I am a very happy customer and will certainly let other business owners know where to turn for a product that works so well. Please feel free to use me as a completely satisfied customer. You went beyond the customary expectations to meet my needs. Thank you very much.”
Marvin Carter
President, Hvacmasters
“home uses Xink to manage email signatures, both when we send out emails directly from Outlook and from our CRM system. By using Xink’s API we integrate all email signatures into the CRM system. This solution makes it possible to centrally manage campaign messages for our 900 employees across approx. 175 offices. It ensures consistency in our brand and campaigns, no matter where the emails are sent from. By using Xink the administrative burden of setting up signatures and managing them has been drastically reduced. Data is transferred directly from our AD, and Xink is automatically rolled out on all employee computers. We really feel that the overall quality of our email signatures has been raised considerably, we have obtained more consistency across our offices, and thus an improved branding effect.”
Hanne Brandt
IT Manager at home A/S