Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Xink – FREE eBook

Microsoft 365 and Xink make a perfect match! Take a closer look at the unique offering that Xink provides for Microsoft 365 customers. When it comes to email signature management, there is perhaps no better application for this purpose than Xink. Let’s dive into the details! Also available for download: Mini eBook on Microsoft 365 and […]

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Our selection of FREE eBooks contains best practice on everything related to email signatures. Leveraging your email signature for marketing initiatives can transform the way that your business, well, conducts business. A small business is likely to send on the order of several hundred email messages per day; a large corporation might send out several […]

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In unserer Auswahl KOSTENLOSER E-Books stellen wir Best-Practice-Maßnahmen zu allen Themen vor, die mit E-Mail-Signaturen zu tun haben. Die Nutzung der E-Mail-Signatur für Marketingkampagnen kann die Art und Weise, wie Ihr Unternehmen die Geschäfte tätigt, verändern. Der E-Mail-Nachrichtenversand eines kleinen Unternehmens wird sich vermutlich in einer Größenordnung von mehreren Hundert E-Mails am Tag bewegen; bei […]

Free eBooks: We Know Email Signatures, Now You Can Too!

It is true, we do know everything about email signatures (or at least more than anybody else). Why? Because we’re kind of obsessed with this ever-important detail in email marketing. Over the years we have helped you, our customers, with thousands of email signature designs, email signature marketing campaigns, and email signature templates, making it […]