Five Simple Tips to Create Happy Holidays Email Signature

A happy holidays email signature is an excellent opportunity for your company to market itself and its products. It can increase your brand consistency, promote your latest content, and can widen your social media reach if used well. It can also increase the ROI of your crucial marketing campaigns. Post written by guest blogger Daniela McVicker.    […]

Engaging Content for Email Signatures

The email signature is a great way to promote your brand and engage with your audience! So if you are not already using the email signature as an integral part of your branding efforts, it is a great time to start. In a series of five blog posts, we will explain all about engaging content […]

Make Email Signatures Conform to Company Policy

You want all staff email signatures to follow your brand guidelines. You also want to make sure that they include the right information according to your company policy, industry, location, etc. Every time, also on mobile devices. What can you do?   Take the Task Away From Your Employees Your company may have an email […]

The Importance of the Email Signature Block

The email signature block is your digital sign off and serves as your virtual business card. You want to leave a professional impression in your emails at all times. Both in terms of relevant, updated information but also when it comes to visuals. Make sure they show correctly and in the right resoulution across all […]

10 Best Practice Tips for Company Email Signatures

Do your company email signatures prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep? Maybe, maybe not. At the very least, maybe it’s time to check and see if they are up to date? Email programs often change. What was a good idea a few years back might be a bad idea today. Perhaps your company […]

Get your first Email Signature Design for Free…

… But we want you to become a client first 🙂 A great part of trying out an email signature generator is to see how the design looks – after all, you want to make a great first and last impression, right? And we understand that it doesn’t matter how beautiful, compelling, effective, clever, or original […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect Email Signature?

Does the Perfect Email Signature Exist? When it comes to designing the perfect email signature, there are many questions that must be answered: What’s more important, the design or the content? Is a perfect email signature one that is universally formatted, or one that places aesthetics and calls-to-action above all else? How will your email […]

5 Common Email Signature Mistakes

Avoiding Common Email Signature Mistakes Graphic designers have an eye for what looks great. But knowing what looks great and knowing what works great (at least when it comes to email signatures) are two different things. Which is why we want to help steer you in the right direction. When it comes to email signature […]

Company Email Signatures – How to Set Them

This video guide explains how to set your company email signatures after you have got started with Xink. We will walk you through how to set your company default signature based on different options: Default Company email signature for new names and reply/forwards Individual email signature settings if some employees need special email signatures set […]

How to Create an Ugly Email Signature

Nobody wants an ugly email signature! But how can you avoid this? And what are the challenges of creating email signatures that look good across devices and platforms? We look at the development of email signatures and share our best tips on avoiding getting an ugly email signature! Consistency in Email Signatures is Key We […]