The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 18 – Email in 2011

2011.. THE year of email – Office 365 was officially released! The online cloud version of Exchange was finally online after a lot of beta testing with many customers. Google actually released their Google Apps for Business before Office 365 so this started the race between the two giants. Google Apps for Business later changed the name […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 15 – Email in 2008

Macbooks were getting widely popular in 2008 and also in the business world. This posed some challenges to IT departments on how to maintain Macs securely and in an easy way.   Release of Outlook:mac  This was the year of the release of Office:mac, also called Office 2008. Mac releases often come a year after an […]

The Xink Advent Calendar 2018 – December 14 – Email in 2007

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 2007 was maybe one of the bigger in the history of email. The first iPhone was released! It was not so much about the iPhone itself. Obviously, it was an interesting new device that started a completely new era and we started calling the capable phone a ‘smartphone’.   “An Email Machine” It is […]