365 Email Signatures – Server-Side or Client Solution?

One of the first things we always ask Microsoft 365 users is: Do you need a server-side (rerouting) or a client solution for managing your company email signatures? Microsoft 365 is one of the most widely used platforms for businesses today, with Outlook being its gemstone for email services. And with email comes email signatures […]

Join Xink’s Beta Program Today for our Rerouting App for Office 365

No two email services are exactly the same (Office 365 and Gmail, for example), which is why we are constantly updating our products. One such product is our Office 365 Rerouting App. This product supports the needs of our mobile users, as well as clients that utilize third-party applications that don’t support inline email signatures. Our rerouting app […]

Email Rerouting Solution to be Launched by Xink To Support All Mobile Clients

Email Rerouting Solution for Office 365 Xink is the most advanced and comprehensive email signature cloud solution on the market. We offer literally every means possible to control your email signature for all of your branding and campaign needs. Recently we launched our Developer API, which makes it possible to link your email signature solution with other platforms […]