Xink Explained – An Infographical Walkthrough

Many of Xink’s most common user scenarios can easily be explained or resolved with a visual guide. Of course, in other cases, only a well-thought-out and robust written resource will suffice. That is why we happily provide eBooks, videos, and infographics to our users (in addition to a wide range of FAQ tutorials on topics ranging from Office […]

Xink is Now Used in 41 U.S. States – Now We’re going for the Rest!

With the presidential primaries underway, that great American tradition of campaigning state-by-state has begun. Candidates on both sides of the aisle are checking off one state at a time, traveling by bus, train and plane, in order to win over as many constituents as they can, so that come November, their name comes out on […]

What is Xink and How does it Work – An Infographic

What is Xink and How does it Work A common question we often get is in fact “What is Xink” and especially “How does Xink work”. Even though we offer a very user friendly product and sign-up process it can be difficult to see exactly how things are working. I hope that this infographic will shed […]

Xink Platform Explained – an Infographic showing Xink Users

Xink Platform Explained – Xink Users We have made an infographic to show you who all our Xink users are and where they are and what they are doing when using Xink… Have a look at it and see if you recognize yourself in one of the scenarios –  Of course this is not completely […]

Xink as a Platform for Distributing Your Company Email Signature

Xink as a Platform for Distributing Your Company Email Signature In this blog post, we will discuss Xink as a platform for distributing email signature designs – and how you can let your brilliant email signature designers do their job while leaving the distribution up to Xink. Don’t worry about complexity. Don’t worry about compatibility. Xink […]

Why Xink?

Xink marks a new beginning for us. Yet we are not a startup. We have been offering our solution for a handful of years, and have thousands of customers who have been with us from the very start. We don’t offer a revolutionary new solution to a new problem, we just offer the best solution for an evolving need. Xink marks a rebirth of our mission and vision.