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8 Reasons to Choose Xink for Email Signature Management

There are many reasons to choose Xink as your email signature management solution. From brand consistency and compliance, all the way to creating a new marketing channel for quality traffic and conversions, there’s tremendous upside to leveraging your company’s most widely used communication method (email) to drive marketing value.

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Why Xink

Who is Xink for?

Back in the on-premise days in the zero’s, i.e. before the Cloud, and when Xink was founded over a decade ago, email signatures were almost

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Best Practices

101 Do’s and Don’ts in Your Email Signature

As you can probably imagine, we have heard thousands (if not tens of thousands) of great stories regarding how different companies set up their email signatures, or at least attempt to. Over the last few months, we’ve begun collecting examples of the do’s and don’ts that we’ve discussed and learned from our Xink customers, prospects and partners.

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